Directions, getting there
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The best options to travel from the airport of Barcelona to the apartment are currently:

1. by taxi (around 35-40 EUR / travelling time about 30 minutes) or

2. by Aerobus (6.75 EUR one way per person / travelling time about 45 minutes, get off the bus at the second stop on the route called ‘ Gran Via / Borrell’ ).
Please find the webpage here: klik here (opens in a new tab)

3. By metro, there are two metro stations nearby the apartment.
Metrostation Sant Antoni (L2, purple line)
Metrostation Poble Sec (L3, green line).
Please find here (new page) the complete map on the page of the transportation company (TMB)

Arrival by Train (Barcelona Sants station)

1. by taxi (around 10-15 EUR / travelling time about 15 minutes) or

2. By metro, taking the L3, green line) and get off at Metrostation Poble Sec 
Please find here (new page) the complete map on the page of the transportation company (TMB).

Available Wi-Fi networks inside Sant Antoni Market Apartments

  • vodafoneD940 vodafoneD940-5G CZNXQ2YKDNKVTN
  • vodafone3B58 vodafone3B58-5G MGNHNDN3QGZLZT
  • vodafoneAF58 vodafoneAF58-5G JNJZDNTNMVTMKV
  • vodafone9D78 vodafone9D78-5G JTMADZKLDMZQ2N
  • vodafoneC068 vodafoneC068-5G MNXUZMZU2NMFGN

Your departure: by taxi

To order a taxi that can take you to airport, port, train or bus station you can call:

+34 933 033 033 (Radio Taxi Barcelona)

They will ask you for your:

  • Address, (Parlament 35)
  • Doornumber (for example 2-1)
  • Day and time to collect you
  • Telephone number
  • Destination

You can also walk to the main street parallell (100 meters from the apartment). Only vehicles with the green light on there are available.


No smoking is allowed in any apartment or in the common areas (elevator, stairway, building entrance) inside the building.

House rules and some suggestions for your safety

We would like to use this opportunity to ask you to keep some things in mind and to make you feel a little bit more acquainted with the apartment and the area where you are staying.

Please be respectful to the neighbours and let them enjoy their homes as well. This means no loud parties, no screaming or yelling. Not only in the apartment but also in the hallway and in the entrance of the building. Please give our cleaning staff a little hand by taking out your garbage before leaving the apartment on the final day of your stay.

For your own safety and that of the other people that live in the building, please make sure you lock the doors well when you leave the apartment. It means locking the door of the apartment as well as to make sure that the door of the entrance of the building closes well.

To get rid of your garbage there are some big grey containers placed on the street in the vicinity of the apartment. These are meant for your garbage in general. The city welcomes your contribution to the environment. That’s why there is also the possibility to separate your garbage. Accross the street, coming out of the building, you will three deposits of different colours. They are meant for:

  • The blue container: paper, like newspapers, magazines, carton
  • The yellow container: plastic and metals like plastic bottles, soda cans etc
  • The green container: glass
  • The brown container: bio waste