General Information
Arrival Information


Carrer Sant Antoni Maria Claret 234-236

08025 Barcelona

Check in/out

For a smooth check-in process we would like to ask you to contact us in a timely way before you actually go to the apartment on the day of your arrival. At the apartment there is no reception desk and any of the accommodation managers will need some travel time (about 45 minutes) from the location where our office is located to arrive at the address of the apartment. By contacting us before we hope to be able to reduce your waiting time at the apartment to a minimum.Special request: Since we do not know them yet, or only approximately and since it is very convenient (regarding the planning of the day) for us to know them, we would kindly ask you to please let us know your arrival details like for example your flight details, or if you plan to come to Barcelona by other means of transport, explain us please how you expect to arrive.

Thank you very much in advance.

We also would like to ask your attention for the following.
In compliance with current legislation, every guest that is staying in a hotel or an apartment is required to fill in the guests registry and we would like to ask for your kind collaboration. It consists of scanning or taking a picture of your identity card or passport when you check-in. In our experience, this is the quickest and most convenient way for all involved. Please bear in mind we will ask to do so for every member of your travel party. Thank you so much !


To be complete: towels and bed clothes are being provided and are included in the price as well as the final cleaning of the apartment, after your stay.


Paying is possible in cash or with a credit card.

WIFI Connection


A little advice

There have been cases of people being the victim of pickpocketing so please take good care of your belongings. Most of the victims are people that come to visit the city and that travel with their suitcases, what makes them easily recognized as people from out of town. Please take special care while changing buses/ trains or traveling in the metro. Do not let anyone distract you. It is one of the nicer things of the city of Barcelona but there is still a lot to enjoy.


To get rid of your garbage there are some big grey containers placed on the street in the vicinity of the apartment. These are meant for your garbage in general. The city welcomes your contribution to the environment. That’s why there is also the possibility to separate your garbage. Accross the street, coming out of the building to your right, you will three deposits of different colours. They are meant for:

The blue container: paper, like newspapers, magazines, carton
The yellow container: plastic and metals like plastic bottles, soda cans etc
The green container: glass
The brown container: bio waste






To order a taxi that can take you to airport, port, train or bus station you can call:

+34 933 033 033 (Radio Taxi Barcelona)

They ask for your:

  • Address, (Sant Antoni Maria Claret 234)
  • Doornumber (for example 5-1 or 5-2)
  • Day and time
  • Telephone number

You can also find a taxi in the main street in front of the building. Only vehicles with the green light on there are available.


There is one metro stations nearby the apartment.

  • Metrostation Dos de Maig, blue line


By Taxi (recommended)

The airport has taxi stands at all terminals.The price of the trip to the apartment depends on the time of the day you are traveling, your
luggage and the required travel time it takes from the airport to the apartment but you can expect that a trip costs around 35 Euros.

By Train and undergound line 5

To reach the station from Terminal 2, head for the pedestrian bridge that begins at the southern side of Terminal 2, Building B. Terminal 1 is the new terminal of the airport and so far there is no direct connection with the subway or the train system. There is however a shuttle bus service between terminals 1 and 2.

You better not take a taxi to travel from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 because the fare is around (20 euros) and is disproportional with the time you try to save.

If your flight arrives at Terminal 1, we suggest that you directly take the Airportbus from here(line A1) to travel into town so that you save yourself a lot of time. The railway line R2 or C2 (previously R10 and C10), runs about every half hour from the
airport. By train you travel to the railway station ‘BARCELONA SANTS’. The journey takes about 35 minutes and you can even travel with a metro ticket (or one of those cards for several days, 10 travel card). You can buy the tickets for the subway at the ticket selling machines at the station. Get out of the train at the station BARCELONA SANTS. From here, take the metro, the blue line #5. Travel in the direction of VALL D´HEBRON. Get off at the metro at the station SANT PAU / DOS DE MAIG. Once on the street, the building where the apartment is situated in, is about 2 minutes by foot.

By Airport Bus and Underground

At the airport, take the airport bus. There are two buslines from the airport with a direct connection to the city. On both lines, big blue buses are being used. Line A1 begins its route from the new Terminal 1 and from Terminal 2 line A2 starts at building
A and also stops at the building B and C. Tickets for the trip to the city can be purchased on the bus or at the ticket selling machines in the airport buildings. The buses run every 10 minutes throughout the day and in about 45 minutes they bring you to
the last stop, Plaça Catalunya, in the heart of the city.

Once arrived on Plaça Catalunya, from the bus stop you go in a southerly direction (with the department store ‘El Corte Inglés’ in your back), towards the other side of the square. Here you can take the underground, the green line, number3. Travel from here in the direction of TRINITAT NOVA. Get off at the stop DIAGONAL, where you change to the blue line. Travel in the direction of VALL D´HEBRON. Get off at the metro at the station SANT PAU / DOS DE MAIG. Once on the street, the building where the apartment is situated in, is about 2 minutes by foot.



No smoking is allowed in any apartment or in the common areas (elevator, stairway, building entrance) inside the building.

House rules and some suggestions for your safety

We would like to use this opportunity to ask you to keep some things in mind and to make you feel a little bit more acquainted with the apartment and the area where you are staying.

Please be respectful to the neighbours and let them enjoy their homes as well. This means no loud parties, no screaming or yelling. Not only in the apartment but also in the hallway and in the entrance of the building.

Silence policy (between 23-07h)

In the apartment we follow a silence policy between 11 o’clock in the evening and 07 o’clock in the morning. Keep this in mind so that we do not get problems with the fellow residents of the apartment building.

Please give our cleaning staff a little hand by taking out your garbage before leaving the apartment on the final day of your stay.

For your own safety and that of the other people that live in the building, please make sure you lock the doors well when you leave the apartment. It means locking the door of the apartment as well as to make sure that the door of the entrance of the building closes well.